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We all remember the 80's right? Well I devised the following 80's quiz, I hope you enjoy it :)

This test was devised by curefreak

1. You argued that A-Ha were the new Beatles.

2. You dressed like Boy George

3. You owned, or wanted to own, those Duran Duran badges where each letter of DURAN had a picture of the band member on it.

4. You thought Mr. T. from the A-Team was tough and cool.

5. You thought Go West's video for "We close our eyes" was WAY COOL!

6. You heard and spread the rumour that Webster died of a broken neck while breakdancing.

7. You thought Hyper Colour T-shirts were a trend that would never die.

8. You said things like "Far out brussel sprout" and "Rad" while wearing a Fido Dido T-shirt.

9. You owned a ghetto blaster/boom box

10. You were amzed the day you found out you could play Space Invaders on a P.C.

11. You collected the Kiss cards that had pictures of the band and stale chewing gum.

12. You were excited that Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" single had the words printed on the back cover.

13. You wrote things like "Visage rule" and "I Love Madonna/Nik Kershaw".

14. You wrote things like "Blah Blah Sucks/Sux"

15. You giggled when you realised that Starship's album "Knee deep in the Hoopla" meant knee deep in the shit.

16. You spent hours/weeks/months/years trying to solve the Rubiks cube.

17. Nerf balls were absolutely on your Christmas must have list.

18. You thought KITT from Knightrider was THE coolest car around. Oh and FYI series 2 is to be released on DVD on April 12!!!!

19. You owned a walkman and carried a bag full of cassette tapes.

20. You nearly wet yourself with excitement when tape to tape dubbing came out and totally freaked out when High Speed dubbing came out.

21. You sat for hours with the video cassette recorder, attatched by a long cord to the machine, making people go backwards and forwards really fast.

22. You fought vehmently about which videos were better, VHS or Beta.

23. You or someone you knew owned those mirrored sunglasses and those fold up sun glasses.

24. You thought mesh tops looked cool.

25. You remember the Cabbage Patch Kid craze.

26. Not only were you a fan of the TV show "The Greatest American Hero", you knew ALL the words to the theme song "Believe it or not".

27. You wouldn't go anywhere without hair gel AND mousse in your hair.

28. You remember The Chipmunks covering 70's songs and owned or wanted to own their album "Chipmunk Punk"

29. You thought fluro socks were to die for.

30. You thought Twisted Sister were THE next big thing.

So how did you score? Oh and please spread this quiz around, both in your LJ and communities, as it is up to you to keep the 80's alive! Please do credit me for making it too, thanks.
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