A Psychopathic Poet, The Devil's Bastard Son. (curefreak) wrote in 30_not_dead,
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I have evolved...maybe!

I just made contact with an old friend from my days at uni. He asked me how I remembered him. He said he remembers me as "a 20 year old Sociology student, smoking cheap cigarettes and talking about The Cure". Well I have changed, I no longer study Sociology or am 20 years old! The rest is the same old same old as a 34 year old! *LOL*.

I was wondering, in this situation, how do you think you would be remembered as you were, say 15 years ago, and how are you different (or not) now?
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Goodbye everyone. Just like I wish I could, it seems that this Community has died a death.
Um...Yeah...ok. I am sorry I hadn't realised that my post was THAT bad. I hope you don't die a death as there are very few of us Sigue Sigue Sputnik fans left as it is (yeah I read your user info, I'm not psychic or anything *Grin*)
damn...it can't be that dead, sheesh. *lol*

The core of 'me' is who it was 15 years ago. The rest is an ever-evolving caliedescope of wonder.
That is an AWESOME description of yourself. Please don't you leave this community I think I am going to enjoy getting to know you :)

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I would ask "what else" you have added to your list of things you enjoy but I think I would rather remain ' young and innocent ok, ok just plain ignorant *LOL*

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As I sneak up on 30, I notice that some of my contemporaries have changed very little in 10 years. I've changed a lot recently - made some very deliberate changes for the better - and even so, there are some things about me that are still the same. Your tastes may remain pretty set after a certain age, but if your priorities don't change, and you're chasing the same kicks at 30 as you were at 20... well, it's your prerogative I guess. I just felt like I want something different now.