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30_not_dead's Journal

30 is approaching...dont be scared
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you dont even have to be 30 to join...just nearing it...like georgia can be in of course,and anyone nearing,over,close to or right on the mark of 30.we'll have it set up like you can bring up and discuss....things you remember from back in the day that arent around like some certain candy or soda,food,mall,store or you can discuss 80's tv,80s movies...punk rock before the mall,skating,toys,heart throbs,politics,reagan...etc,whatever really. i truly believe that being 30 is a blessing in 2003...i saw so much come to light...cell phones,cd players,the end of the cold war,the crumbling berlin wall,microsoft,gulf war,dvd,video games,digital everything,from ibm to apple 2's to what we run now....i was telling my friend the other day...they shouldnt label us generation X,but The Media Generation...we grew up in a time of mass media...a changing media,in all forms...