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Duran Duran

i'm new here,but it looks interesting...i turned 30 this year and i fondly remember the 80s!!!!i love that so many big 80s acts are touring now.....cause i get to see Duran Duran tonight!!!has anybody out there recently got to see a big 80s act?i've seen several including Billy Idol,Go-Gos,Violent Femmes,Concrete Blonde,and several more.i love it cause i was too young to get to see some of these acts the first time around!i'm so excited about the show tonight!!!
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I think I might be the only person who grew up in the eighties and just don't remember it all that fondly. Although my friend did drag me to a Bon Jovi concert. Does that count?
only counts if you liked it!!!!i look back fondly because there were no britneys or jessicas.......i smtms weep for the state of popular music these days!!give me Bon Jovi over any of the popular boy bands of today...
Yeah, I have to admit - they put on a good show!
I went to a Pixies concert last month, that was the best concert experience of my life!
envious...i really wanted to see The Pixies....but they sold out so fast!!!
Concrete Blonde are AWESOME live! So how was the show? I am SO envious it hurts ;)
it was a great show...they are awesome was about 2 summers ago...Atlanta has these really great cheap shows in the park every was only $1 to get in!!!!
I am even more envious now! Are you deliberately trying to cause me pain, is that the plan??? *LOL*
that's me...evil...enjoy causing pain....LOL. let's see if i can add to the pain...i got to see powderfinger for free too....aren't they from australia.i love the free/cheap concerts in atalanta every summer.i've seen poe,tantric,ours,everclear,cake,violent femmes,...more that i can't remember right now...all for free or $1 *twists knife in heart*
I am writhing in pain! You would make a wonderful dominatrix you know! Yes Powderfinger are Aussie. I LOVE their song "My happiness". I also love Violent Femmes etc but I think I hate you *LOL* ;)
thanks for the compliment...wonder how much $ that would pay??lol
As much as you tell them that it would if you are really good at your job *LOL* ;)
then i would be a verrry rich woman.........
I'd better be careful then as "sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me" ;)
i love that quote...but what about candle wax and silk scarves. *blush*i'm being a lil' naughty.
As long as you are still willing to have the same frame of mind on Saturday night when I hire the hotel room *LOL* ;)
i seem to be in that frame of mind lots
As long as it doesn't evapourate when we get together I am happy ;) OMG, I am a dead man if your husband sees this aren't I?! *Starts practicing his running training* *GRIN*
lol...don't have to worry about that...he's not that computer savvy...and prob doesn't even know about LJ.and i have to get my jollies somewhere,don't i?
Oh well in that case...*dirty smile crosses his face* ;)
*slightly evil grin*i can tell we're gonna have lots of fun together...
I'm crossin' my fingers for a U.S. leg to Simply Red's tour (20th anniversary!) next year. New album in spring, from what we're told...